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By aw177 Twitter Design

On 27, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Client, Design, Thoughts | By aw177

Another honor for me to design the background, header and avatar for, the official Twitter page for WuTang-Corp, home of the Wu-Tang Clan and Killa Beez ( 

The client gave me some direction as to what he wanted, but I wanted to take it a step further – instead of using the regular “W” logo from the Wu, I made it more polished and shiny, like an icon you’d find on an Apple product. I felt this gave it an up-to-date feel while still maintaining the ‘razor sharp’ edge of the famous logo.

The avatar used the new “W” logo and I made the wording in black on a white overlay and high-res so you can see it better on tweets and on mobile devices:

AW177 x WutangCorp Twitter Avatar High Res Blog

The header was sized so that when the avatar sits on the image on the main page (, it doesn’t cover up any of the Wu-Tang member heads – it looks like it’s floating right in the middle of them.  I also made the header image grayscale and a bit darker to bring out the white lettered information better:

AW177-x-WutangCorp-Twitter-Header-3 Blog

The background contains information that is simple and concise – “W” logo with title and URL.  The group picture gave it a bit more flair and was sized so that those with larger monitors can see more of it.  Client wanted a dark brick wall texture so I put that in but made it more subtle to give it a more refined look:

WuTang-Corp Twitter Background Blog

Full image of all the designs put together:

I really enjoyed working on this project and hope I can work with Wu-Tang again in the future.  Props goes out to Wu-Tang; please go visit the Twitter page and follow them!


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