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April 2010 - Artist/Designer Allen Wen | AW177



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By aw177

Latest Custom – Gundam?

On 21, Apr 2010 | No Comments | In Artwork, Other | By aw177

Custom Gundam anyone?

Custom paint job = pearl white + metallic silver + metallic black!



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By aw177

Crazy Busy, Yet Crazy Procrastination?

On 16, Apr 2010 | No Comments | In Updates | By aw177

I’ve been pretty swamped at work and been preparing for a large art show, which basically took up much of my time to concentrate on artwork. I owe a very patient customer a custom toy which is already designed but need to start working on it! Also part of 2 shows – a Mr. Power show w/ ToyQube and the Thought Processor show at MPH, both in May!!! Worst part – I haven’t started on either show yet! I had time but procrastinated on what to do, etc!!!

Next few weeks will be hectic!!!