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In Artwork

By aw177

Vintage “Year of the Dragon” Wood Panel for Andy of Toys R Evil

On 31, Oct 2010 | No Comments | In Artwork, Other | By aw177

What you see above is a quick shot of my “Year of the Dragon” logo that I made ‘vintage’ on an 8″x 8″ wood panel. More photos will be taken soon, but I will be putting this up on my webstore in the next few days and all proceeds will be sent to help Andy of Toys R Evil (for those that don’t know, check this site out:

I took a different direction for this panel, instead of doing my usual bright colors and what not (well this is still in bright colors), I wanted to try to make it look more ‘vintage’, like it was used for years or something. I always find it nice to try new ideas and methods, so hope you guys like this one – I’m happy w/ the way it came out.

This may be my last custom for a little bit as I want to take a break (see my last blog post). Please help and buy this to benefit Andy of Toys R Evil! More pics soon, thanks!!


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