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In Thoughts

By aw177

Quitting the Game…?

On 03, May 2012 | No Comments | In Thoughts | By aw177

For those people that actually read my blog and enjoy my posts, this will be somewhat different. I’m going to lay it out there and say I am very close to quitting the custom/art game.

Without going into too much detail and drama, let’s just say that with many rejections, delays, wasted time and efforts, it’s enough to put a toll on anyone and make you lose some of your passion and drive.  This is how I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks; at one point I want to continue to create and push myself, but at the same time I find myself wondering if there is a point.

I may take some time away to focus on myself and explore new options. We’ll see what happens.  If you do appreciate my work, I’d love to hear some comments. Thank you all for following and reading my blog!


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