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The Poster Cause Project AW177 Poster Cause Project FI 2

On 13, Sep 2012 | No Comments | In | By aw177

The Poster Cause Project

The Poster Cause Project is an online effort to sell and promote artwork by underground artists in a very limited form all while donating a % of the profits to charities and organizations in need.

“Koi” Print:
– 12″ X 18″
– Limited to 25 Prints
– Printed on 100# Standard White Stock

50% of ALL profits to charities and organizations in need.

“Gundam” Japan Earthquake Relief Print Series Print:
– 6″ x 11″
– Limited to 100
– Printed on Standard 100# Stock

On March 11th, 2011, Japan was hit by the most powerful earthquake in at least 100 years at 8.9 magnitude, the fifth largest in history. 75% of profits from these prints go to support Doctors Without Borders earthquake and disaster relief efforts for Japan.

Both prints are now sold out.


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