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“Dragon Droid” Custom Google Android Figure “Dragon Droid” Custom Google Android Figure

On 16, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In | By aw177

“Dragon Droid” Custom Google Android Figure

Custom Google Android figure commission for a very patient client.

I was contacted by a client from France who liked my artwork and wanted to commission me to create a custom Google Android figure to add to his collection.  I have never worked on that platform before, so this was a new experience for me.  He gave me free reign to do as I wished.

“Dragon Droid” was created from my traditional dragon design – I just really like that design and the smooth flat round body of the Android figure meant it was an excellent surface to do intricate designs.  I added more intricate elements to the dragon and threw in a flame coming out of the mouth, with the fuku kanji indicating good luck and the cherry blossoms for life.

AW177 Dragon Droid Blog 1

Red and gold paint are shiny while the black paint is a matte, which makes the red and gold really pop.  I also included 2 sets of antennas, the standard Android ones in red and a custom pointy pair in black.

AW177 Dragon Droid Blog 2

Thank you to the client for this commission, possibly my last custom…!



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