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“Skull Eyes” Custom RLUX Customs Cyberskull DIY Figure AW177 Skull Eyes s2-1 FI 2

On 01, Oct 2023 | No Comments | In | By aw177

“Skull Eyes” Custom RLUX Customs Cyberskull DIY Figure

Custom one-of-a-kind RLUX Customs 6” Cyberskull DIY art figure, “Skull Eyes”, for display and sale at the Tenacious Toys booth at New York Comic Con 2023.

“Skull Eyes” – my custom art figure for the RLUX Cyberskull DIY custom group show, that will be on display and for sale at the Tenacious Toys booth #1771 at New York Comic Con 2023.  Inspired by my favorite comic book/TV/movie character of all time, Snake Eyes, this figure features many intricate details to resemble the G.I. Joe commando, such as custom made parts – a bandolier strap, elbow and knee pads, signature visor and sword.  Certain areas are painted matte black while other areas are painted glossy black, to give some slick contrast. Finally to top it off, custom printed vinyl graphics are applied with details such as the Arashikage, G.I. Joe and AW177 logos.

AW177 Skull Eyes s2-1

AW177 Skull Eyes s2-2

AW177 Skull Eyes s2-3

I hope it finds a good home and goes to someone who can appreciate it as much as I do, but if not, I wouldn’t mind keeping it! This is a unique custom art piece that will not be reproduced by me, and I am not sure if I will make any more custom art pieces like this in the near future.  Additional pics are shown below, thanks for checking it out, and if you snap pics of it at NYCC, make sure to tag me!


Update: unfortunately this piece did not sell at the con but there were a lot of amazement and interest in this piece and it’s up for sale online at Tenacious Toys.  The clear dome for the brain was added at the show and the pics below were taken at Tenacious Toys booth at NYCC 2023.


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