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“Inspire” Custom Wacky-Backy BUD Limited Edition Art Toy AW177 Inspire Bud s1-1 FI 2

On 19, Nov 2023 | No Comments | In | By aw177

“Inspire” Custom Wacky-Backy BUD Limited Edition Art Toy

Custom one-of-a-kind Wacky-Backy 10″ BUD limited edition art toy, “Insprie”, for display and sale during Miami Art Week 2023.

Bud & Doobie Planet Earth Takeover: December 1, 7-11pm at 2610 NW 5th Ave Miami, FL 33127

Bud & Doobie Planet Earth Takeover

Join us for an unforgettable event at 2610 Northwest 40th Street, Miami, FL, USA! Get ready to experience the ultimate celebration of art, and good vibes. Our lineup of talented artists will blow your mind with their mind-blowing custom 1/1 pieces. This is not just an event, it’s a journey. Don’t miss out on this epic adventure!

Wacky-Backy ( BUD limited edition, signed, numbered vinyl art toy is described as:

Luxury art toy meets cannabis – the perfect combination of form+function+funky to keep your nug in perfect display. Whether you showcase one strain or have an army of BUDs to store all your prized weed flowers, BUD is sure to be a conversation starter. Signed and numbered. Limited edition vinyl art toy – The first of it’s kind, BUD is a highly collectable, quirky and unique cannabis accessory.

Made of soft vinyl. BUD is donned with an airtight helmet that has a compartment to stash your extra nug, rechargeable LED lights and magnifying lens to highlight its beauty, BUD is ready to flaunt your flower.

Each art toy that I customize, I try to design it with artwork that goes well and fits the medium, and not just throw down the same designs each and every time.  For my custom BUD, “Inspire”, since it’s luxury art toy meets cannabis and can be used to keep your nug in perfect display, if smoking cannabis (or not), I want you to look at the toy and be inspired by the individualized messages (some inspired by music lyrics) given by each of the icons designed on it, while at the same time, all of the icons come together to form one positive, inspirational statement.  I want my custom toy to make people feel a sense of calmness, serenity, illumination, enlightenment, stimulation, motivation, and discovery; I want people to find balance and peace with their lives (while representing Miami at the same time).

AW177 Inspire Bud s1-2

AW177 Inspire Bud s2-6

AW177 Inspire Bud s1-4 AW177 Inspire Bud s1-5

Every icon that is designed has a meaning:
Yin Yang: balance and harmony of opposties for a peaceful life
1 Love: universal love and respect for all
Tiger Style: power and ferocity to achieve one’s goals
Game of Chess: you must think first before you move
Make Art Not War (grenade spray can): make efforts to create, not destroy
Toad Style (toad with brain): immensely strong both physically and mentally; when properly used it’s almost invincible
Never Give Up: never ever give up no matter what
Rise Above All (rocket blasking above planet): once balance is achieved you will rise above everything
Run this Town: victory when one’s goals are achieved
Cherry Blossom: rebirth, renewal, beauty and grace
Colored Cherry Blossoms: Miami represent
Fly High and Shine Bright (butterfly flying to the sun): transform, reach your goals and stand apart from the rest
Set Adrift on Peaceful Bliss (peace dove sitting on a cloud): peace will come and feel comfort like floating on a cloud

Each iconic meaning comes together to form one statement:
Embrace the concept of the Yin and Yang, where a harmonious life consists of the balance of contrasts, such as the peace and solidarity of One Love and the power and ferocity of Tiger Style.  Understanding this unity and that life is like a Game of Chess will create a canvas where we can Make Art, Not War.  When faced with life’s challenges, if you can channel your physical and mental strength with Toad Style and Never Give Up, this resilience will make you strong enough to Rise Above All and Run This Town.  Think on these words and remember, just as Cherry Blossoms bloom with grace and beauty, you too can Fly High and Shine Bright, embodying unity and harmony to Set Yourself Adrift on Peaceful Bliss.

BUD comes with a light up pot accessory that goes into the body and can illuminate the inside of the helmet.  It also has a magnifying lens in the center of the helmet to enlarge whatever you place in there.  I placed the above statement on a small circle plate right in the middle of the helmet which you can shine and see this message every time you look in the center.

AW177 Inspire Bud s2-4 AW177 Inspire Bud s2-3

AW177 Inspire Bud s1-7

AW177 Inspire Bud s2-5

The box that contains BUD was also customized with each icon’s meaning on the right side and the full statement on the left side.  The front contains the name of the toy, “Inspire”, along with the artist logo.

AW177 Inspire Bud s1-1

I tried to do something different and create an art piece with an inspirational message; this is a unique custom art piece that will not be reproduced by me, and I am not sure if I will make any more custom art pieces like this in the near future.  Thanks for reading, and if you’re out in the Miami area, go check it out!



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