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Spin & Rolling Logo

On 07, May 2013 | No Comments | In | By aw177

Spin & Rolling Logo

Custom logo creation for Spin & Rolling, the first skate slalom club in the USA.

Spin & Rolling is the first skate slalom club in the USA, based in Manhattan, New York.  Spin & Rolling was founded in late 2009 as Skate Simple, but changed to Spin & Rolling in early 2011. AW177-Spin-Rolling-Logo-Portfolio

Everything goes!  Inline skating, skateboard, longboard, in-line hockey, aggressive skating, freestyle slalom, free-riding and everything else that uses small wheels.  Their goal is to promote, organize skating events, and grow the sport of freestyle slalom skating in New York and city’s around.  So join them!


Please read my blog post for more info/thoughts: Creating the Spin & Rolling Logo


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