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By aw177

Muttpop Tcho! Captain Biceps = Captain America?

On 15, Nov 2011 | No Comments | In Artwork, Other | By aw177

In between my time from the aftermath of NYCC till now, I did work on a small custom toy, just for fun. I bought a Muttpop Tcho! Captain Biceps figure from ToyQube and painted him to resemble Captain America! This was not a serious project, just something to do for fun since I love Captain America!

Shield was made from a piece of circular wood and held onto the hand by velcro.

It’s for sale if you’d like him, I’ll put him up on my Big Cartel store later tonight!

Original Muttpop Tcho! Captain Biceps (click pics to enlarge):

AW177 Captain America:

Buy him here: AW177 Store *Remember, all other items at the store are ON SALE for a limited time only!*


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