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By aw177

Most Wanted Messageboard Artist Series AW177 Artist Proofs – Info

On 17, Dec 2009 | No Comments | In Updates | By aw177

I’ve been asked by a few members of the KR forum about buying some of my artist proof “Year of the Dragon” dunnys, however, according to the rules of the series, we are only allowed to produce 3 AP dunnys. Therefore, whoever messaged me when I mentioned this a few weeks ago, are on my list and the first 3 people will be asked if they want my AP. If one says no, then I’ll ask the next and so on.

Each AP will come w/ a small circular piece of art that I’m not sure what to do on it yet; pricing has yet to be determined as well.

I plan on making these early next year, as I have other commitments to attend to first, I want to wait till Manne sends them out to the buyers, as well as celebrating Xmas!

So keep up w/ my blog for more information! Thanks for all the support!


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