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By aw177

Most Wanted Messageboard Artist Series AP Dunny Sets!

On 07, Jan 2010 | One Comment | In Updates | By aw177

Ok so after some frustration, I was finally able to finish 3 sets of my Most Wanted Messageboard Artist series dunny sets. 3 pre-buyers will be able to get a dunny, small wooden circular display base, and 4 buttons (1 done by board member ‘turdhole’ and 3 done by me: dragon face, “dragon” kanji and signed Most Wanted button).

Hope you like them and thank you for your support!!!

*UPDATE: 1/11/10*
Was waiting for Manny to ship me some Most Wanted boxes before I shipped these guys out to its new owners and got word that my package arrived today! But I won’t be home to get the package till Wednesday night, so all packages will be shipped out Thursday morning! Thanks for your patience!



    1. That's mad ill homie!

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