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In Thoughts

By aw177

Most Important Project I Can Never Finish!

On 09, Nov 2009 | No Comments | In Thoughts | By aw177

Of all the projects I involve myself in, there is always one project that ranks #1 in importance to me but I can never finish it, and that project is my own personal website. I have a URL that I purchased 4 years ago, and still have not put up anything! My URL is located at, and if you go there, you’ll notice the same page I’ve had up for years: AW177 Coming Soon.

Reason for not putting a page up? Indecisiveness, procrastination, laziness, etc. In one of my classes at NYU, my web design instructor said one of the hardest sites to do is your own portfolio site since you want it to be so perfect, you can never find the way to do it correct, so best is to let someone else take it over! I may have to do that one day!

I have one in the works and let’s hope I can complete it by the end of this year. I want to finish off this one custom and start back working on it…check back to in 2 months and let’s hope something is up by then!


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