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By aw177

Most Important Project I Can Never Finish Part 2!

On 05, Feb 2010 | No Comments | In Updates | By aw177

Ok from my first post of the ‘most important project I can never finish’, that happens to be my personal website. However, I think most people these days just have blogs and use that as their website; I’ve been really picky about mine and just never finished it and revised it over and over till my head spun! For about 5 years I’ve had my domain at and still can’t put one up – until now. I’m just about almost done w/ mine and tried to make it less complicated and put up more of my work. I will still use this blog for more news updates, and use my website to display my work. I hope to get it done by the launch of Chinese New Year – how dope would that be, launching my website on the Year of the Tiger, my year? Crossing my fingers!

My site was done purely in Flash – yes I know there are lots of people who don’t like Flash and don’t see why a site has to be designed in Flash, but to me, I’ve always loved Flash and guess I just wanted to see if I can create a whole site in it. I know you won’t be able to view my site on an iPhone or Touch or iPad or what not, but you can always view my blog on those devices! I also do all my illustrations through Flash; just feel more comfortable using it. I’ll probably need to learn Illustrator one day, maybe I’ll take a class on it just to force myself to learn it!


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