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By aw177 Twitter Design

On 07, Feb 2013 | One Comment | In Client, Design, Thoughts | By aw177

Designed the background, header and avatar for, the pure source of HipHop, Old School & Classic HipHop fashion.  Their urban hip hop & streetwear brands include: Wu-Wear, Pyromaniac, Mahagony, The Joker Brand and Playerz69 (

The avatar was their logo but overlay with a white border and high-res to bring out the logo more when viewing their tweets and on mobile devices:

AW177-x-HipHopDojo-Twitter-Blog FI

The header used was the flying Shaolin monk from their website banner – I wanted to retain something from their website that was recognizable and the image was beautifully grainy and raw, something like you’d see out of a Saturday afternoon kung-fu flick.  It was a great contrast against the background which consisted of clear vector logos (more on that later).

AW177-x-HipHopDojo-Twitter-Header Blog

The header was sized so that when the avatar sits on the image on the main page (, it doesn’t cover up the flying Shaolin monk.  I also made the header image a bit darker to bring out the white lettered information better.

The client wanted all the brand logos that they sell to be patterned across the background, so I converted and built each logo into vectors that can be easily sized and displayed much more clearly.  I created a pattern with the logos and lightened them so that they are not too bright and more subtly blend into the background.  The backdrop used a dark wood theme that was used on their old Twitter design, gave it an overall kung-fu dojo feel.  It was also sized so that those with larger monitors can see more of it.  Basic info like the URL and brands they sell are on the side:

AW177-x-HipHopDojo-Twitter-Background Blog
Full image of all the designs put together:

AW177-x-HipHopDojo-Twitter-Full Blog

Another awesome project to work on and props goes out to HipHop-Dojo and my man Angel!  Please go visit the HipHop-Dojo Twitter page and follow them!



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