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Gas Monkey Garage T-Shirt Design Contest Entry

On 23, May 2013 | 7 Comments | In Artwork, Client, Design, Thoughts | By aw177

My submission to the Gas Monkey Garage t-shirt design contest!

Have you ever watched the reality TV show Fast N’ Loud on the Discovery Channel? Fast N’ Loud “follow Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann as they derelict cars back to life”.  I think it’s a fun, awesome show, I try to catch it when I can, and am on their mailing list.  Check more of the show here: Gas Monkey Garage

Fast N' Loud Blog
I got an email saying they are holding a contest to design the next GMG t-shirt, which will become a limited edition t-shirt in their online store, as well as receiving $500 and an autographed shirt.  You can view all the details here:

Design Contest Info Blog

Sounds pretty cool, so decided to give it a try.

But no matter how much I like the show and Richard and Aaron, I am really not a fan of these type of design contests.  Usually with these contests, they say ‘all submissions belong to ‘ whatever company and that they can use your submission any which way they want and do not have to give you any credit what so ever.  I gathered this from briefly reading through the entry rules and am a bit hesitant about submitting my work – once submitted, it’s no longer mine and belongs to Gas Monkey Garage.  Not really cool if they decide to use my design one day without acknowledging me, but I’m still willing to give this a shot.

The contest only gave me a few days to work on a design, plus with the rules of me not owning it once I submitted it, I just wanted to have fun with the design and not go too crazy and/or detailed on it.  I thought of the basic ideas of using a monkey and something related with gas, maybe a monkey wearing a gas mask…but that would be too much work and too much details to make it look good.  So going back to a simplistic approach, I thought Richard and Aaron have very distinctive styles and looks, with Richard having slick silver hair and goatee and Aaron a long bushy beard, maybe something like an icon of their heads or something.  I sketched out very basic elements of their styles, the hair, the goatee, the beard; added a Gas Monkey Garage title underneath it but had it ‘covered’ by Aaron’s beard, so it shows the name just a little to know who they are (if you didn’t recognize them) and to make it a bit comical like the way they are:

AW177 GMG Submission Blog

 Simple, fun and easy to recognize.  No? Well I hope so! Let’s see if they like it, but since a part of the contest is to have an open voting (meaning those who entered who have a large Facebook following may get the most votes, which I don’t find fair), this may turn into a popularity contest and not truly a design contest.  But we’ll see.

And if they don’t like it, oh well, it’s cool w/ me, on to the next project! Thanks for reading and hope you can cast your vote for me!


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    1. Hi,you don’t ship in Italia???? Your merchandising,,,,, CIAO

      • aw177

        What are you interested in buying from my store? You can send me a message using the form below and ask me in private. Thanks!

    2. Hi. Tell me how to download the original of this picture?

      • aw177

        Which picture are you referring to?

    3. the bottom picture on this page (with the full image of persons Aaron and Richard and logo gas monkey garage). I want to order print on a t-shirt for a friend as a gift.He’s a fan of the show.))

      • aw177

        I’m glad you like my picture, but it was made for the Gas Monkey contest and I don’t have the legal rights to allow that image to be printed and sold as a shirt. If you want a Gas Monkey shirt, I’d suggest visiting their site. Sorry!

    4. I LOVE

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