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Dynomighty “Koi” Mighty Wallet – UPDATED 9/8/13!

On 31, May 2013 | 2 Comments | In Artwork, Client, Design, Print, Thoughts | By aw177

A potential Mighty Wallet with my revised “Koi” design on it, produced by Dynomighty…?

UPDATE 9/8/13

Received a special free gift from the fine folks over at Dynomighty/Mighty Wallet: a one-off print of my artist collective “Koi” wallet design! It didn’t make it into production since I didn’t get enough votes in time, but I really appreciate Dynomighty for making one for me anyway! It looks awesome and I can’t wait to use it! Thanks again!

AW177 Koi Mighty Wallet One-Off Blog

UPDATE 6/30/13

It appears I did not get enough backers to support official production of my “Koi” Mighty Wallet, which is a shame since I thought this design on a wallet would be awesome.  Although disappointed, I do not give up and will create another Mighty Wallet sometime later in the future.  I know the line is corny, but “if at first you don’t succeed…”.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to those that did support my wallet – I really appreciate you taking the time to go and help try to get my wallet officially produced!!!

You can read what I originally wrote about my “Koi” Dynomighty’s Mighty Wallet below.  Thanks again!

Original Post

I happen to come across a company that produces wallets called the Mighty Wallet: “The Mighty Wallet was the first ever Tyvek® Wallet, folded entirely out of a single sheet it even improves upon a standard leather wallet with its stitchless design.” To read more about Mighty Wallet, check this link: Dynomighty Mighty Wallet

They have something called the Artist Collective, where ” The challenge is simple: Create your own Mighty Wallet design and share it with your community. If you can pre-sell 30 wallets in 30 days, we will make a full production run and send you 15% of the sales.”


So I decided to give this a try with one of my designs – I chose my revised “Koi” design (which can be read about in my previous blog post: “Koi” Revision Artwork) because I felt it was an empowering design to put onto a product you carry and use everyday.  My official story of the meaning behind the design on the wallet is as follows:

A colorful Japanese koi fish jumping out of the water, surrounded by cherry blossoms.  As you look at your Koi wallet, the fish represents perseverance in the face of adversity and the blossoms represent living life to the fullest.  Opening the wallet reveals a powerful and red “koi” character, giving you good luck in everything you do and wherever you go.  The inner pockets are lined red to give you prosperity and wealth.

I hope my art will generate fortune, luck and powerful emotions in everyone!

The outside of the wallet:


The inside of the wallet (the koi character is where you would place your cards):


Finally, the inner pockets of the wallet (where you would put your cash – there are 2 pockets):


If you like what you see so far, and would love something like this as a wallet, I would appreciate it if you can back me and get this officially produced as a Mighty Wallet!  It is only $15, quite durable, unique and just plain awesome!

So if you’re a cool person and down to help a starving artist, please go here and back me: AW177 “Koi” Mighty Wallet

If a “Koi” Mighty Wallet was produced, it would look like this:

Awesome huh? Please go here and back me: AW177 “Koi” Mighty Wallet

Thanks again so much!!!



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