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By aw177

Computer Arts Projects Big Question!

On 17, Nov 2010 | No Comments | In Updates | By aw177

On Twitter, one of my favorite magazines, Computer Arts Project, asked the Big Question: “”What’s your favorite aspect of Japanese creative culture, and how has it influenced your work?” I thought I would take some time to answer that question on my blog.

There is not just one aspect of Japanese creative culture that influences my work, but from many different concepts – traditional, manga, technological, etc. I like to take some varieties and mix them with Chinese aesthetics to create a colorful, bright, powerful and happy feel to my work, whether it be in printed or graphical form to customized viny art toys. I love the traditional simplistic look of the cherry blossom, the colorful and imaginative form of manga and the powerful technological strength of the Gundam and robots!

My mini business cards contain elements of Chinese and Japanese cultures mixed together to give it a more pop feel to them:

My customized art toys like my “Lucky” Miao & Mousubi, uses the basic form of nature elements, like the cherry blossom and rising sun, to give a sculpture like a lucky cat a modern appeal:

To me, the Japanese have always been leaders in the technological field, as most gadgets and toys (like Transformers) have influenced me to become more technical, and this has made its way into my art: the combination of the concept of Yin and Yang with harmony in a modern, technological world:

Also, what fan boy of Japanese robots be without customizing a Gundam?

I take inspiration from my Chinese roots but am always awe-struck at the art of Japanese culture. I feel as an artist you cannot be scared to mix different ideas and cultures to create new ones; don’t let others tell you what you can and cannot do, take influences in your life and add them to forms of art that inspire you and you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with!

Thank you Computer Arts Project for the great question! And for more pictures, you can view most of my art on my Flickr: AW177 Flickr


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