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“Circuit Death” Limited Edition NFT and FREE Unlockable T-Shirt!

On 17, Apr 2022 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By aw177

It’s back – the classic AW177 “Circuit Death” logo design now as a limited NFT (non-fungible token) set on Opensea! Plus if you buy one, you’ll unlock a way to get a FREE limited edition t-shirt!

I’ve always loved my classic AW177 “Circuit Death” logo design, and even more so loved the lmited edition t-shirt that was produced with it so I’m bringing both back – this time as a limited NFT (non-fungible token) set! Releasing soon, a set of 5 “Circuit Death” logo NFTs will be up on and those who buy one will unlock an email address that can be used to email me that they have bought one and I will ship them a t-shirt for FREE! That’s right, you can now be the proud owner of the NFT and wear a shirt to show what you own! Please note: only sizes M-L are available!

With this unlocked email address, you can communicate with me directly so I can meet the people who so kindly bought one of my “Circuit Death” NFTs and ship them a shirt as a show of my appreciation for their support!

For details on the t-shirt, please visit here: AW177 “Circuit Death” Limited Edition T-Shirt

The NFTs are LIVE up at! To buy one, please click here: AW177 Circuit Death LE NFT + T-Shirt


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