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“Circuit Death” Limited NFT 5 Piece Set and FREE Unlockable T-Shirt!

On 17, Apr 2022 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By aw177

The first AW177 NFT! The classic AW177 “Circuit Death” logo design now as a limited NFT (non-fungible token) set on Opensea! Plus if you buy one, you’ll unlock a way to get a FREE limited edition t-shirt!

I’ve always loved my classic AW177 “Circuit Death” logo design, and even more so loved the lmited edition t-shirt that was produced with it so I’m bringing both back – this time as a limited NFT (non-fungible token) set! A set of 5 “Circuit Death” logo NFTs are up on and those who buy one will unlock an email address that can be used to email me that they have bought one and I will ship them a t-shirt for FREE! That’s right, you can now be the proud owner of the NFT and wear a shirt to show what you own! Please note: only sizes M-L are available!

With this unlocked email address, you can communicate with me directly so I can meet the people who so kindly bought one of my “Circuit Death” NFTs and ship them a shirt as a show of my appreciation for their support!

For details on the t-shirt, please visit here: AW177 “Circuit Death” Limited Edition T-Shirt

The NFTs are LIVE up at! To buy one, please click here: AW177 Circuit Death LE NFT + T-Shirt


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