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By aw177 – AW177 Creative Spotlight Interview!

On 10, Mar 2011 | No Comments | In Interviews, Updates | By aw177

I have an online interview up with Japan Cinema, where they have an ongoing series showcasing creative men & women who make a profound impact in the art & film community of Asian ethnicity! Go have a read and learn more about me!

Japan Cinema Creative Spotlight: Episode #19 – Allen “AW177” Wen

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Props to Japan Cinema for allowing me to be a part of their great site!



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By aw177

Computer Arts Projects Issue #145 – Look Inside!

On 14, Feb 2011 | No Comments | In Client, Interviews, Print | By aw177

In my last blog post I wrote that I’ll be in the Showcase section of the Japanese design issue, Computer Arts Projects issue #145! I finally was able to locate a copy and it came out great; this issue is excellent, full of awesome articles and tutorials – go grab a copy if you get a chance! Check out a larger image of my section on my Flickr!

AW177 Computer Arts Projects Issue #145 on Flickr!