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Cancelled AW177 Production Kidrobot Dunny

On 04, Feb 2023 | No Comments | In Artwork, Branding, Client, Design, Kidrobot, Products, Thoughts | By aw177

I’m in the 2013 Kidrobot Dunny Series!!! Um No You’re Not…I was so close to realizing one of my goals of making it in the designer art toy world…

These are the design templates for an AW177 dunny that were submitted to Kidrobot back in 2012, chosen to be produced for the KR 2013 dunny series. I was contacted by the then creative design head and was told KR wanted to make a production dunny for the 2013 series based on a custom dunny that I had created. The design head went on with all these ideas about how we can make 2 variants and add this accessory and do this and that, which at the time was very exciting as it was not done on a production dunny before. I was sent a template to create that I worked on for days/hours – then was told to make this change and that change, add this and that. I modded my design to fit what they wanted, some times going against the way I liked. I was even sent contracts and other forms to sign.

Unfortunately few weeks later, out of the blue, I was told my dunny would cost too much to make so it was being dropped. They had to ‘pick and choose over all what would make the most sense that we can manufacture within our cost and time constraints”. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t highly disappointed; I thought I reached a goal of mine to have a production dunny only for it not to happen.

I still like these designs – shame Kidrobot never decided to produce it. Last pic is a picture of the sample custom I did that Kidrobot wanted to base the production dunny on.


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