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AW177 x outsmART originals: MACHINE TYPE AW177-OO1

On 09, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Artwork, Client, Design, NYCC, Other, Print, Products, Shows, Thoughts | By aw177

All systems go! My next release with outsmART originals, the MACHINE TYPE AW177-001 t-shirt!

Machine Type AW177-OO1 Blog FI

Where to begin…

Back around March of 2013, Kevin Winnick (CEO of outsmART) and I spoke again after I viewed the new outsmART originals spring 2013 catalog – I wanted to do some more new designs that would help promote the brand.  I believe in Kevin and his company, and feel they can do so much with the products and artwork of their artists.  But what design(s) to do? I already did an organic creature, so wanted to steer away from doing that again.  I always loved to design technological items, like circuits and robots, so why not do a robot or something? I always wanted to see if I can create a gundam-inspired artwork, so I started with that.

It’s really hard to think back on where I started on this design, I just know that I wanted a robot with air vents on the side of the head, large wings on top of the head, a more ‘ninja’ styled mouth, something that just looked badass but was still a ‘good’ robot, a defender of evil, if you may.  After numerous sketches and revisions, I came up with this design.  It is detailed like crazy, you can’t see some of them but if you were to zoom close in, you’ll be able to see all the fine details I added.

Machine Blog 1

Sometimes when designing, you just go crazy and look at it and say – that would be cool there, or I should add that there or let’s detail that part up! That’s what happened here, just kept doing what felt good and I hope folks can appreciate it.  It was hard not to post pics of it up since I finished this sometime in May and kept it a secret since then! There were many man hours and revisions put into this so I hope you can support me and go reserve a tee!

Machine Blog 2

Grab yours here before they’re all gone! I hope the shirts get printed and hope some of you can wear them to New York Comic Con – I’ll be there this year!

Machine Blog 3

outsmART originals: MACHINE TYPE AW177-OO1 by Allen Wen/AW177

Oh one more thing…what does the OO1 designation mean? Outsmart Originals 1!

Stay tuned for more news…???


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