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In Client

By aw177

AW177 + PlayBling = “Love Blossoms” Swarovski Elements iPhone Case!

On 16, Aug 2011 | No Comments | In Client, Design | By aw177

My second iPhone case design to be Swarovski crystallized by PlayBling is called “Love Blossoms”:

Original submitted design:

Crystallized iPhone case:

Product Description:

“The blossom is very symbolic of beauty, power, love and good fortune in Asian countries.Stand out, be strong, be colorful and unique, and love will bloom when you carry blossoms!”

As always I think PlayBling did a fantastic job! I’d love to submit more designs when I get some time! What designs would you like to see crystallized? Please share, I’d love to know!

You can see larger images on my Flickr: AW177 Flickr

You can grab your “Love Blossoms” iPhone case here: Love Blossoms Crystal Phone Case


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