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By aw177

AW177 New York Comic Con 2014 Day 2!

On 14, Oct 2014 | No Comments | In NYCC, Shows, Thoughts | By aw177

Day 2 at NYCC (Friday, October 10) and what a day it was…

Headed back down a bit earlier, with the notion of being free to look around more and observe other artists’ work and to find some inspiration for my own work.  I got rid of shopping for things I wanted and for my family, so today would be a great day to myself.

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 1

Again, in no particular order…

Walked by the Big Hero 6 booth, not sure how I feel about the movie just yet, but Baymax is just too cute!

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 2

Saw these t-shirts at the WeLoveFine booth – that’s the booth that gives out giant duffle bags to those that buy something there.  I liked the “Death Star Tech Support” since I do that during my day job, but it hit a little close to home and decided not to buy it!

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 3

Also saw these Avengers and X-Men shirts which I thought was done right.  Nah, no more money to spend on t-shirts (little did I know)!

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 4

At first, a lot of people were running up to this to take pics and I thought wow, Chevrolet got a cool Bumblebee Transformers robot to promote their business, but later found out it was a cosplayer! Best. Cosplay. Ever.

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 5

The Midtown comics booth revealed the Madame Tussauds’ Hawkeye statue, where you can go and take pics with it.  Pretty lifelike I must say, never really saw one of those wax statues up close.

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 6

Walking through the con, you’re bound to find some cool cosplays, but this one was just plain awesome: Blankman!

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 7

This guy had the look down cold!

Walked by a booth called Stylin that sold only Star Trek stuff; this t-shirt cracked me up – “I make it so” by Commander Riker!

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 8

Yea I like Star Trek – can you name all the captains?

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 9

More Frozen cosplay!

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 10

Hit up The Block at this time, and missed out on this booth yesterday so wanted to check it out today – AcidFree Gallery, makes really cool Transformers/GI Joe/etc. prints – had a few of mine printed with them as well.  Didn’t see any I wanted badly enough to buy though but go check them out: AcidFree Gallery

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 11

A custom made by my man, Ian Ziobrowski: makes the coolest, smallest and weedish custom pieces around!

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 12

Checking my watch, I knew that Clark Gregg, the actor who plays Director Coulson in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and Agent Coulson in the Marvel movies was appearing at the Marvel booth for autographs.  I heard you had to make it to the booth at the start of the con, hope to win tickets to get an autograph, and then wait and finally get to meet the man.  I was having none of that, I didn’t want to waste time waiting just for an autograph.  So I went to the Marvel booth to see if I can catch a glimpse of him.

Once I arrived, there were a lot of people there and I somehow squeezed and wiggled my way to the front:

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 12a

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 13

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 14

At times Clark would get up and hand out autographed prints to the crowd, and sign items the crowd would hand to him:

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 15

I thought, how cool would it be to get one of those autographed prints? I know my wife is a big fan of the show and of him.  Clark was once again handing out prints and heading in my direction; so just like everyone else, stretched my arm out and put my hand out, hoping he would hand me a print…

Sure enough:

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 16

He came right by my direction and handed me one! I was floored; called my wife right away and showed this to her – she was really happy! I had to go get something to protect it so I can bring it home; frickin’ awesome!

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 17

So happy with my print, I decided to walk towards the floor to areas I haven’t seen yet.  I walked by this booth of really vintage toys and no wonder, look who owned it:

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 18

The Toy Hunter, Jordan Hembrough! He sure had a bunch of cool, vintage toys that I remember from my childhood…

Speaking of remembering from my childhood, here is the booths of the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Hacksaw Jim Duggan! Ted DiBiase had the Million Dollar belt on him!

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 19

Heard Sgt. Slaughter and Hulk Hogan was there as well but didn’t bother to look for them.

That concludes day 2 of NYCC…as I was leaving, noticed a cool display for 75 years of Batman:

AW177 NYCC 2014 Day 2 20

Bat signal calls, till day 3, the final day at the con!


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