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By aw177

AW177 New York Comic Con 2014 Day 1!

On 14, Oct 2014 | No Comments | In NYCC, Shows, Thoughts | By aw177

New York Comic Con 2014 happened between October 9-12, of which I attended 3 days.  I almost didn’t get into the con, but the guys running the show wised up and approved my 4 day pro pass.  On day 1 (Thursday Oct 9)…

While taking the E train to the Javitis center, I knew I was heading into the right direction when I saw this character:

AW177 NYCC 2014 1

You can’t see it but behind him is a girl dressed as Minnie Mouse! Only in NY can people dress up like this and those around them don’t even blink an eye!

Finally getting to the con somewhat early (but not really), I love how the organizers placed a huge banner saying The Block and another larger one to the left of it saying You Are Now Entering The Block:

AW177 NYCC 2014 2

I know many of the artists in the section known as The Block, and I am a PROUD member of the Tenacious Collective, but decided to head there last and check out the floor first for some goodies.  What is The Block? Here is the official description: “The Block brings together art, design, collectible toys, pop-tech and fashion of the underground pop culture scene along with the tastemakers, trend setters, artists, thinkers and the brands that they create”.  Basically a whole bunch of cool, underground artist peeps.

I noticed there were much more people on the floor this year than in the past; it felt like a Friday or Saturday, with a lot of people walking around.

AW177 NYCC 2014 3

Best time to grab goodies would be Thursday before they run out! So I hit the floor running…

In no particular order, my adventures on the floor of NYCC 2014:

The Square Enix booth once again showed the Play Arts Kai line of toys; so detailed and cool, would love to own a few of the Batmans, but at $100 each, is out of my price range for an action figure.  They had the exclusive black and gold Deathstroke.

AW177 NYCC 2014 4

Passed by the Marvel booth and look at what’s being advertised: Agents of SHIELD! My wife and I love that show, had to snap a pic! I know Clark Gregg, who plays Director Coulson, is supposed to appear on Friday, hopefully I can see him!

AW177 NYCC 2014 5

The official Marvel store had a whole bunch of exclusives.  I know my wife wanted a t-shirt from there, so decided to grab it for her – little did I know that to buy anything there meant I had to stand in a line that wrapped around the booth! I bought her the shirt that said Coulson & May & Ward & Fitz & Simmons & Skye from Agents of SHIELD.  Since I waited so long, decided to buy myself one – a red SHIELD symbol shirt that if you look closely at the logo, can see the Hydra logo behind it (scroll down to see pics of my swag). So cool!

Stopped by the Lunar Toy Store, where I know they have a bunch of Transformers.  Again, saw a favorite of mine back on display, Unique Toys’ Warlord! Got $350 so I can finally buy this thing?

AW177 NYCC 2014 7

The booth had a lot of 3rd party Transformers – Transformers made by companies outside of the officially licensed one, Hasbro.  Goes to show you how independent 3rd party companies can make such cool robots on their own – pay attention Hasbro! Check out these awesome 3rd party Dinobots:

FansToys Soar (Swoop):

AW177 NYCC 2014 20

FansToys Scoria (Slag):

AW177 NYCC 2014 21

The Toynami booth had a huge Voltron on display:

AW177 NYCC 2014 8

Would love to own another Voltron figure – I had one back in the day called Lionbot and was about $80; I remember my dad complaining how expensive that was, lol, but I loved that thing. I always wished I had another and then I saw this:

AW177 NYCC 2014 22

So cool! It’s an anniversary edition Voltron w/ base and light up eyes! Too bad it was about >$200, out of my price range! They also had an exclusive version that was gold instead of silver:

AW177 NYCC 2014 23

But for $300, this would not be going home with me! Sucks, no Voltron for me!

Walking by the McFarlane Toys booth, guess who I see – Todd McFarlane himself, doing some media, signing some comics and showing his line of new Walking Dead building set toys!

AW177 NYCC 2014 9

AW177 NYCC 2014 10

Wanted to go get more t-shirts for the wife and me, so dropped by the Super Hero Stuff booth.

AW177 NYCC 2014 30

Loved the SHIELD and Hydra t-shirts, but couldn’t imagine wearing that green and yellow, I really don’t like those colors.  The “Keep Calm and Hail Hydra” cracks me up!

AW177 NYCC 2014 11

Could always get a matching hat as well:

AW177 NYCC 2014 12

But what caught my eye was this Captain America: The Winter Soldier t-shirt.  I bought a similar one back in 2012 but that one was junk. This one looked great and the material seemed much thicker.  It also has a SHIELD logo on the sleeve, so I definitely bought it.

AW177 NYCC 2014 13

Great deal, buy 2 t-shirts and get a free keychain or mug. I got a free Iron Man keychain (see my swag pics below).

Walked by the Bluefin Distribution booth, had a whole bunch of Gundam figures, and as always, my favorite Perfect Grade Gundam: the Astray Red Frame!

AW177 NYCC 2014 14

Daft Punk anyone?

AW177 NYCC 2014 32

They also had this section where if you filled out a survey, they would give you one of these: basically it’s a kanji symbol of an animal, and you can take it apart and form the animal that it means! For example, the kanji symbol for horse can be taken apart and reassembled to create a horse. So cool! I wanted one but they were not doing the surveys that day. Bummer – gotta try again the next day!

AW177 NYCC 2014 31

I remembered that Moose Toys was at the con, so decided to pay them a visit.  Moose Toys makes those Shopkins figures (if you don’t know what Shopkins are, Google it) and my daughter loves those things.  I wanted to see if they had any and when I arrived, they only had a toy called Mutant Mania, basically a bunch of small parts that make up 1 mutant wrestler, and you can mix and match the head, body, and legs to make a ton of different ones. Eh….I didn’t really care, so I grabbed a free pack to give to my daughter (little did I know she would come to love those things too and wanted more).

AW177 NYCC 2014 24

AW177 NYCC 2014 25

NYCC had a Cirque du Soleil booth and I heard it was for their show, KA.  I saw KA a few years ago and it was great – my favorite Cirque show is The Beatles: LOVE.  They had a bunch of their KA dancers there and you can get info about the show and they had a free comic in collaboration with Marvel:

AW177 NYCC 2014 26

Bandai booth had some cool legacy White Power Ranger stuff:

AW177 NYCC 2014 28

Another booth (forgot the name) had a huge statue of Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat (E. Honda from Street Fighter behind him):

AW177 NYCC 2014 29

Another booth had a big commotion going on and lots of people were taking pics; I went to check it out, it appears some of the voice actors from the new Disney movie, Big Hero 6, was at the booth. I took a pic of Scott Adsit, who is the voice of Baymax:

AW177 NYCC 2014 27

Heard Jamie Chung was there but didn’t see her; saw Genesis Rodriguez as well. Nice!

At this point, I think I did enough walking around, at least to the main booths I wanted to check out.  Time to hit The Block:

AW177 NYCC 2014 15

Dave Perillo and Tom Whalen had a booth together, selling their prints.  They are great print/poster artists and I have some prints of theirs; check their work here: Dave Perillo & Tom Whalen

AW177 NYCC 2014 17

AW177 NYCC 2014 17a

Tom had a Frozen print that I would love to get for my daughter, but at a cost of $225, it was out of my range! Why so expensive? Well check out the asking prices of it on eBay and you’ll know why Tom charged so high for one! Sorry Kaylee, no print from daddy!

AW177 NYCC 2014 18

B. Duck booth had a duck of course:

AW177 NYCC 2014 19

PiQ booth.  Got a show coming up at their store in Grand Central for the All City Style trains – stay tuned for that!

AW177 NYCC 2014 34

Gommi Arcade: they got a lot of celebs to wear their jackets, so wanted to check out their stuff. Not too much offerings and didn’t like the shirts so moved on.

AW177 NYCC 2014 33

Stopped by the Mighty Wallet booth – they had on display one of my wallets, “Supreme”, which is a part of their Artist Collective line:

AW177 NYCC 2014 35

I was stoked that out of all their Artist Collective wallets, they chose one of mine to display at NYCC! I asked the girl working at the booth to tell me about this artist here in the card, AW177.  She proceeded to give me a spiel about myself, which was awesome until I had to stop her and tell her who I was, lol!  Her name is Sydney, she is the sales manager at Mighty Wallet and she told me she had another of my wallet there, the “Year of the Snake” and it was sold though! I was very happy to meet her and also to see their Brand Manager, Steven Miller again as well (met him last year at the 2013 con).

AW177 NYCC 2014 41

Go check out Mighty Wallet – I will definitely be submitting more designs to them as soon as I can! Mighty Wallet – AW177

Tenacious Toys booth #208 is where my people are at – every single artist at that booth is cool as hell and mad talented to boot.  The main man responsible for the Tenacious Collective is Benny Kline – you will not meet too many people in your lifetime that is genuinely down to help others and that’s the type of guy he is.  There is nothing I can say about him that is bad.  Check out his online store here: Tenacious Toys

AW177 NYCC 2014 42

The only issue about hitting the Tenacious Collective booth is that I get so into chatting it up with many people and seeing what they’ve created, that I forgot to take pics! Although, I was requested by my artist friend, Matt A. to take a pic of his custom Dead as F*ck resin Bear Champ toy at the Suburban Vinyl booth:

AW177 NYCC 2014 16

My friend David Kraig Brodsky created a resin skull + grenade called “Skullnade” and I thought the sculpt and 3D printing of it was awesome.  He sculpted the figure, sent it to another friend of ours, Alex Rivera, who created a 3D image of it, and had it 3D printed.  So freaking cool, I had to get one! I can’t wait to get it in the mail and customize the hell out of it! Picture is that of an 8″ version, usual Skullnades are half that size.

AW177 NYCC 2014 36

After chatting for a long time, I was exhausted and it was time to go – day 2 tomorrow.  With that, I left the con…

AW177 NYCC 2014 38

…and bumped into this pair:

AW177 NYCC 2014 37

My swag from day 1:

AW177 NYCC 2014 40

The “Coulson & May & Ward & Fitz & Simmons & Skye” shirt, and the large white SHIELD shirt, is for my wife.  The other two are for me – if you look closely at the red SHIELD logo, you can make out the Hydra logo inside of it – dope!

Also got:

AW177 NYCC 2014 39

SHIELD and Hydra magnets from the official Marvel store (NYCC exclusives) and a free Iron Man keyring for buying 2 shirts at SuperHeroStuff!

More from day 2 coming in the next blog post!



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