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By aw177

AW177 MiniCards & Postcard!

On 07, Sep 2010 | No Comments | In Products | By aw177

Decided to order some minicards as my business card to give out to peeps who want my contact info, as well as create a small piece of art that people can put up or whatever to enjoy. I decided to get some minicards done, half the size of a regular business card, since they are pretty cool, unique and different than other business cards out there!

I created a set of 5 ‘art’ minicards: “Dragon”, “Phoenix”, “Koi”, “Tiger Style” and “Butterfly Delight”, based on my art illustrations; the 6th one, “Dragon Power” (upper left) is an different one that I liked, created w/ gradients, to see how it looked like printed.

“Tiger Style”!

Back of each card contains my contact info and my logo; logo came out a little blurry, but think it’s still great!

Also ordered a set of 20x “Circuit Harmony” postcards as well – I kinda consider them ‘limited’ hardcover prints!

I will be attending New York Comic Con this year, sitting at the Tenacious Toys booth, along w/ other artists selling some customs, doing some sketches (I can’t sketch for crap though) and what not. If you’d like an AW177 mini ‘art’ biz card (or a set, but you have to ask nicely!), come by and say what’s up! As for the postcard, I’ll have a few of them w/ me that day that I can sign if you’d like one. Time and date details to come!


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