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By aw177

AW177 – Introduction & Profile

On 06, Nov 2009 | No Comments | In Updates | By aw177

Thought for those new to my blog and to myself, here is my artist bio (lifted from my profile):


Born and raised in Queens, NYC, AW177 is a self taught artist/designer with a bright and vivid style influenced by his Chinese roots, Asian motifs and culture, graffiti and technical illustration. Educated and trained as an engineer to computer/software technician, but always keeping to art/design, he hopes to now bring his style to a multitude of products and to a wide variety of people.

The name AW177 is an amalgamation of initials of his real name along w/ numerals that hold a special meaning to him. The same can be said with his artwork – an amalgamation of different mediums, subjects and ideas that work together to form pieces of unique art that have special meanings.

AW177 started out designing and creating paraphernalia for small clients, to web site and logo design, to customizing art/vinyl toys, and to hopefully much more in the upcoming future!

Currently still living and working in Queens, NYC, AW177 lives with his beautiful (and supporting) wife, constantly striving to bring unique pieces of art and design to the world.


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