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AW177 Dynomighty Wallet – Sold in Earthbound Trading Company!

On 17, Apr 2016 | No Comments | In Artwork, Client, Design, Print, Thoughts | By aw177

Dynomighty, the makers of the Mighty Wallet, now has one of my designs being sold in the Earthound Trading Company!

Wow! How excited am I that my best selling Dynomighty Mighty Wallet “Koi” is now being sold in Earthbound Trading Company‘s retail stores! Much thanks to Dynomighty and Earthbound for this opportunity – if you happen to go to one of their stores, send me a pic if you find my wallet!

As per Dynomighty: Artist Collective Roll Call Mighty Wallets are sold in stores across the globe.

But what happens to the designs that aren’t selected?

Those designs are still available to our network of retailers and distributors, like Earthbound Trading Company.  A lifestyle shop for the nomadic spirit which embraces individuality and craves exploration. Last fall, Earthbound commisioned 8 Artist Collective designs to be sold exclusively in their stores.”

Earthbound Trading Koi
“We love products that give back and have a story, so Dynomighty’s Artist Collective was a perfect fit for us! The reusable materials and unique designs are an awesome way for our customers to express their individual style.”

Thanks to great partnerships with retailers such as Earthbound Trading Company, our Artist Collective Artists are able to gain a whole new level of exposure and make even more $$$ in commissions.

That’s just one way we help artists Be Mighty!



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