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AW177 “Dragon Ninja” Custom Play Imaginative/Disney Mickey Mouse!

On 25, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Artwork, Client, Customs, Play Imaginative | By aw177

I was asked by Play Imaginative to custom one of their 6.5″ Mickey Mouse vinyl art figures. This piece will be displayed at shows by Disney/Play Imaginative and will be up on their website (

To celebrate the year of the dragon 2012, I made Mickey into a “Dragon Ninja”, complete with equipment belt, shurikens, pouches for gear, striking/climbing knives, dragon claws on feet and hands, and nunchucks! You can place the nunchucks into the back for storage. Dragon symbol on the upper ear, black outlines to give it a more animated/cartoon feel.

This custom is based on one of the designs I submitted to Play Imaginative/Disney for possible production, so if you like to see it made, please let them know!

Click on the images to enlarge or view at my Flickr.


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