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By aw177

“Army Samurai” Custom 8″x10″ Wood Painting Commission

On 17, Dec 2009 | No Comments | In Artwork, Other | By aw177

I wrote this on my Flickr, but will add it to my blog as well.

“I met this cool kid named Gershwin while doing a sales transaction with him at ToyQube way back in the spring/summer time. He mentioned to me that he would be interested in getting some type of custom from me, but wasn’t sure what he wanted. Being that he just graduated high school, he didn’t have the funds for a custom toy, so he wanted a painting. He commissioned a painting of any of my artwork and due to other projects popping up, his commission was ‘kinda’ place on the back burner (sorry dude!). I recently learned that Gershwin joined the National Guard, so that he can make something of himself and earn enough money to go to college. What an inspiration he is to me, it’s not often you meet someone straight out of high school who is willing to do what it takes to make a better person of themselves! He leaves for boot camp early next year, so wanted to give him some inspiration before he goes…

Bear in mind doing paintings is not really my thing, but I tried to do the best I can. This painting is called “Army Samurai”, I tried to take elements from a soldier and combine it with the elements of a samurai.

Breakdown of the various elements:
– gas mask represents breathing clean air, exhaling whatever ills/troubles you and breathing in ‘clean’ life.
– Chinese opera mask to ward off evil and colored in USA colors of red, white and blue.
– demon decor on helmet also to ward off evil.
– yin yang represents balance.
– kanji symbols represent power (left one) and courage (right one).
– AK-47s represent go and kick some ass!
– Japanese rays represent…well just thought they would look cool!

I used paint markers, metallic flake paint and spray paint to create this 8″x10″ wood board painting.

Gershwin, I hope you like this painting and give you inspiration to do your best, be like swift, stealthy and honorable like the samurai, kick ass like the soldier and be all you can be! Enjoy bro!”


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