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AW177 x Tenacious Toys x outsmART originals: “Year of the Foo” Dog T-Shirt

“Danger Foo” Custom Tenacious Toys Pit Bull Mascot Figure – SOLD!

Iron Man Custom Mini Helmet

“Dragon Droid” Custom Google Android Figure

“Machine Type AW177” Custom All City Style Train

New Downloads Page – Get Free AW177 Fan/Art!

Dynomighty Mighty Wallets

“Happy Birthday Josie” Custom 7″ Kidrobot Munny


Allah Mathematics YouTube & Twitter Designs Twitter Design

New Era Introducing 2012

Ghostface Killah/Wu-Tang Ice Cream Logo

Computer Arts Projects Japanese Issue #145

“Circuit Death” Limited Edition T-Shirt

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“Discovering Designer Toys at New York Comic Con” on Tested!

30th October 2018 by aw177

“Discovering Designer Toys at New York Comic Con” filmed by Tested with Benny Kline of Tenacious Toys at NYCC 2018!

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AW177 New York Comic Con 2018!

24th October 2018 by aw177

New York Comic Con 2018 happened between October 4-7, of which I attended 3 days (Thursday, Friday and Sunday).  I was fortunate enough this year to earn a professional pass and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so here in one post is a summary of my adventures at NYCC 2018!

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AW177 Dynomighty Wallet – Sold in Earthbound Trading Company!

17th April 2016 by aw177

Dynomighty, the makers of the Mighty Wallet, now has one of my designs being sold in the Earthound Trading Company!

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